How Does My Grandma Treat Sprained Ankle?

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How to treat sprained ankle? We all have sprained our ankle at least ones, and we all know how much it hearts and how long it takes to heal. Everyone should know how to treat sprained ankle. A sprained ankle injury can make your ankle swelling for up to two weeks and make you unable to walk for a week. A want to share with you a recipe I learned from my grandma, which I always use to get the swelling under control and make the recovery process faster and easier.

IMPORTANT – Always consult your doctor first, and get X-ray done if needed. Differentiating between a sprained ankle and an ankle fracture can be difficult, and sometimes an x-ray is needed.Sprained Ankle

An ankle sprain normally occurs following sudden twisting or sideways movements of the ankle due to workout, running or just walking. When we sprain our ankle, one or more ligaments in our ankle joint is injured. The first thing you should do after such an injury is to apply ice and take ibuprofen. That will help with the pain and the swelling. My grandma always suggests R.I.G’s C.E. (Rest, Ice, Grandma’s Compression and Elevation) treatment for the next few days and that have always been working for me.

Grandma’s recipe for sprained ankle – R.I.G’s C.E.:

  • Rest. Try to avoid walking with the injured leg for  at least 2-5 days
  • Ice. Apply ice every two hours for no more than 20 minutes at a time. When icing injuries, never apply ice directly to the skin. Cold provides pain relief and also limits swelling by reducing blood flow to the injured area.
  • My grandma likes to make a special compress, that helps limit and reduce swelling, which may delay healing. You will need – Elastic Bandage, Medical Tape, Kitchen Hammer, Onion, Salt, Plastic bag.
  1. Put one onion in the fridge. Make sure the onion is cold before you take it out of the fridge.
  2. Slice the onion on half, and put half of it in a plastic bag.Hit it with the kitchen hammer a few times so the onion breaks into a little pieces and releases his juice.Kitchen Hammer, Knife, Onion,
  3. Put a good amount of salt at those onion pieces, and apply them to the swelling ankle.Preparing to Compression
  4. Wrap the ankle and the onion together with the elastic bandage, and tape the Elastic Bandage on place.Compression

You will need to replace the compress with new when – the elastic bandage is all wet, or the compress is hot.

  • Elevate your ankle sprain higher than your waist as often as possible. Put pillows under your leg when laying on the bed. That will reduce the pain and swelling.

Ones you have the swelling of the ankle under control you can start exercising the sprained ankle. Full recover in some severe cases may take up to 3 months but following my Grandma’s sprained ankle treatment will reduce the time, pain and inconvenience that such an injury can cause.

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