Why Should You Choose Aerobic Workouts


Aerobic workout is defined as an oxygen dependent process. In another words aerobic are workouts that use energy, which has been produced  in the body in an oxygen dependent processes. The  energy needed to fuel our body during long lasting physical activity is provided by Long-Term Sources of Energy (Aerobically), while the short and explosive activities are fuel by Short-Term Sources of Energy (Anaerobically).

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What does Anaerobic Workout Mean

Do you know what is anaerobic workout? You maybe know what aerobic workout is. We often hear a lot about aerobic or “cardio” workout, and how it improves fitness, reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases, and helps with weight management. Well, anaerobic workout also has its benefits, and that’s why today we will talk a little bit more about anaerobic workout. Continue Reading →

How Does My Grandma Treat Sprained Ankle?

How to treat sprained ankle? We all have sprained our ankle at least ones, and we all know how much it hearts and how long it takes to heal. Everyone should know how to treat sprained ankle. A sprained ankle injury can make your ankle swelling for up to two weeks and make you unable to walk for a week. A want to share with you a recipe I learned from my grandma, which I always use to get the swelling under control and make the recovery process faster and easier. Continue Reading →

Plyometric Workout Known Simply as Jumping Training

plyometric workout

Plyometric workout or also known as jump training is a method of conditioning designed to make a muscle reach maximal force in a short time. The plyometric workout shouldn’t be mistaken with the heavy weight lifting. Unlike an exercise such as bench press, the plyometric exercise is characterized by quick and powerful muscle contraction immediately followed by rapid shortening of that muscle. Continue Reading →

How Do I Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Gaining lean muscle mass is object number one for most people. We all know, that eating more will make us gain weight, and eating less will make us lose weight. On the other hand working out hard will build us muscle mass. The balance between eating and training will gain us lean muscle mass. I don’t know how you are going to gain lean muscle mass but I know how I did, and I will share it with you. Continue Reading →